Grants Administration

Federal, State, and local grants serve an important role in growing communities today. The City of Cayce works endlessly to provide all possible resources to its citizens and businesses. Grants offer the City a way to expand on the services we provide. All government organizations understand the increased assistance that grants can provide, so competition is extremely high in receiving grant funds. Our commitment to the citizens of Cayce is to explore every grant opportunity and seek as much additional funding as possible.


FY2024-2025 Façade Grant Application [Application] [Parcel Map]

Hospitality Tax Grant Application (Online) [Optional PDF Version]

Accommodations Tax Grant Application (Onlline) [Optional PDF Version]

Guidelines for City of Cayce Hospitality Tax and Accommodations Tax Grant Funding (Online) [Optional PDF Version]

African American Cemeteries Survey Grant

EPA Brownfields: $500,000
(Environmental Protection Agency)

  • Funding will be used to support assessment, planning, and community involvement on environmental sites within the City of Cayce. The goal of this grant funding is to provide redevelopment opportunities that would have a positive economic impact to the City of Cayce.

(Rural Infrastructure Authority)

  • Funding will be used to continue stormwater drainage improvements in the City of Cayce’s Avenues Neighborhood.

SCDAH: Federal Historic Preservation Grant: City of Cayce African American Cemeteries Survey: $15,000
(South Carolina Department of Archives and History)

  • Funding will be used to conduct a survey of historic African American Cemeteries within the City of Cayce limits.

FEMA: Llyodwood Generator Pump Station: $66,850.20
(Federal Emergency Management Association)

  • Funding will be used to purchase an emergency generator for the City of Cayce’s Llyodwood wastewater pump station. This generator will be in place in case of outages due to severe weather.


RIA Avenues Drainage Project: $500,000
(Rural Infrastructure Authority)

  • The City of Cayce’s Avenue Drainage Project began in 2018 with a grant award from the RIA. Over the last several years, 3 phases of this project have been completed. Larger headwalls and piping have been placed on Blake Drive, Deliesseline Road, and Axtell Drive.


DHEC: Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Yearly grant for the purchase of new recycling roll carts for the City of Cayce residents.

Palmetto Pride: Litter Reduction Grant

  • Yearly grant for the organization of litter pick-ups and neighborhood clean-ups throughout the City of Cayce.

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