Boards and Commissions

Cayce citizens have an opportunity to actively participate in running the city through their services on a number of advisory boards, committees and commissions. These groups help shape and carry out policy. Some committees require that one or more individuals have specific experience, others simply need persons who possess the desire and commitment to serve. A Cayce staff member works with each board to help it conduct business. Each board has regular meeting days and times, although they may be altered by holidays. These meetings are open to the public and are held at the City Hall Complex, 1800 12th Street Extension. Meeting schedules and schedule changes are announced on the city's web site and posted at City Hall.

Local citizens wishing to apply for appointment to a City of Cayce board, commission or committee may submit a potential member application to the Municipal Clerk, P. O. Box 2004, Cayce, SC 29171. You may obtain a copy of the application by calling City Hall at 803-796-9020 or download potential member application form.

The City of Cayce is looking for volunteers to serve on the following Committees:

  • Standard Technical Code Board of Appeals – One (1) Position
  • Beautification Foundation – One (1) Position
  • Museum Commission – One (1) Position
  • Planning Commission – One (1) Position
  • Public Safety Foundation – One (1) Position

Members who serve on the City's committees must either live or work within the city limits. If you are interested in serving, please print and complete the potential member application form and send to us or contact Mendy Corder at 550-9557.

Boards & Commissions Info & Minutes

Accommodations Tax Committee

Administration Department (803) 796-9020, ext. 3057. Meets as needed on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 am., City Hall Council Chambers. Determines where state accommodations tax funds received will be spent to promote tourism.

Accommodations Tax Fund Requests FY19-20

Cayce Housing Authority
Cayce Events Committee
Cayce Municipal Election Commission

Administration Department, (803) 550-9557. Meets as needed, City Hall Council Chambers. Commissioners observe the voting process that is handled by Lexington County.

Standard Technical Codes Board of Appeals

Planning and Development Department, (803) 796-9020, ext. 3065. Meets as needed, City Hall Council Chambers. Reviews citizen appeals to ensure building codes, property maintenance codes and fire codes are properly interpreted and implemented fairly. Members who serve on this Board must be either an Engineer, Contractor, Architect or Design Professional.

Cayce Historical Museum Commission
Planning Commission

Planning and Development Department, (803) 796-9020, ext. 3064. Meets on the third Monday of each month, 6 p.m. or immediately following the Board of Zoning Appeals, Council Chambers. Advises City Council in the establishment of land use, zoning, and development regulations and makes recommendations to Council in response to related requests. Meeting agendas with backup information are available for review at City Hall.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Planning & Development Department, (803) 796-9020, ext. 3064. Meets the third Monday of each month as needed, 6 p.m., Council Chambers. Reviews zoning appeals and makes final determination as to whether appeals are denied or upheld. Meeting agendas with backup information are available for review at City Hall.