Cayce, S.C.’s Riverwalk and Trails

With more than 20 miles of riverwalk and trails, plus 12,000 years of history, Cayce, S.C. offers a free, easy-to-access escape to nature within an urban environment, just 5 minutes from the South Carolina State House.

Part of the Midlands region’s expansive Three Rivers Greenway, the City of Cayce, S.C.’s riverwalk and trails encompass a variety of destinations, including the Cayce Riverwalk, Timmerman Trail, the 12,000 Year History Park, Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve, Thomas A. Newman Boat Landing and more.

Unplug & Unwind on the Cayce Riverwalk

The Cayce Riverwalk is the ultimate “daycation” spot, easily accessible from anywhere in the Midlands of South Carolina. Spanning 12 miles, it overlooks the beautiful Congaree River, right across from the capital city of Columbia, S.C., and it is a popular destination for walking, jogging, bicycling, bird-watching, picnicking and taking in the natural beauty of the riverfront.

Its bridges, boardwalks, overlooks and lighted, central path accommodate all levels of physical abilities. Residents and visitors enjoy free parking and lighted, paved paths through the shaded, riverine forest, studded with benches, picnic tables and public art by local artisans along with wide, wooden boardwalks with prime water views.

Location, Directions and Hours:

Cayce Riverwalk
201 Naples Avenue, Cayce, SC 29033
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The main entrance to the Cayce Riverwalk is located at 201 Naples Avenue, Cayce, SC 29033, at the intersection of Axtell Drive and Naples Avenue, just a few blocks south of Knox Abbott Drive, near the Blossom Street Bridge. You also can access the park at the intersection of State Street and Lyle Street.

The Cayce Riverwalk is open daily from dawn until dusk.

Cayce Riverwalk Amenities

  • 12 miles of lighted, paved pathways and wooden boardwalks
  • Connected to regional Three Rivers Greenway
  • Scenic overlooks on the river and cascades
  • Public art installation of hand-carved wooden animal sculptures by local artist Wade Geddings
  • Hand-wrought lion bench by local artists John and Venetia Sharpe
  • Seating and picnic areas
  • Covered picnic shelters
  • Restroom facilities with wall tiles hand-painted by local students
  • Convenient, free parking
  • ADA accessible
  • The City of Cayce offers golf cart tours of the Riverwalk for seniors and people with limited mobility. Call (803) 602-2571 for more information.

A Riverfront City Steeped in History

From the main entrance at 201 Naples Avenue, you can walk the two and a half miles to old Cayce or linger in over 46 acres of river park. Historical markers have been placed throughout the park to provide visitors with the background of the area, once known as the historic Colonial village of Granby. Granby was the county seat of Lexington County and was the center of commerce for the region and an important river port and trading post before the ascendance of Columbia as the state’s capital.

Public Art Along the Riverwalk

Public art is a priority in Cayce, S.C. Families can enjoy searching along the Riverwalk for each piece of a recent public art installation of animal sculptures that were carved out of naturally fallen trees by local artist Wade Geddings. (See if you can find the salamander, the raccoon, the fox and more!) Meanwhile, the Lions Club commissioned local artists John and Venetia Sharpe to build a “lion” bench to symbolize the Lions Club past and future service.  This special “lion” bench was sculpted from wrought iron by the Sharpe’s and installed on the Riverwalk path just north of the Blossom Street Bridge, affording a picture-perfect view of the river flowing under the bridge.

Shade and Solace by the River

Paths underneath a lush, shady forest canopy open up to reveal gorgeous river vistas as well as historic bridges and canal locks, beloved by photography and history enthusiasts alike. Joggers and walkers retreat to the shaded paths of the Cayce Riverwalk in the summer, when the trees provide a cooler environment for exercise and recreation.

You can fish for striped bass in the Congaree or go birding for owls, hawks and eagles, who fly amongst the towering pines. It is a place of wonder in the heart of Cayce, one of the most historic parts of the Columbia, S.C. region.

Part of the Three Rivers Greenway, the Cayce Riverwalk was designed with conservation and preservation in mind. Protecting the environmental quality of this unique area and preserving our collective cultural, historical and natural legacy is a priority for the City of Cayce.

Cayce Riverwalk Shelters Available for Free Rentals:

The Riverwalk Pavilion is located at the main entrance to the park. This covered Pavilion can be reserved free of charge and features six large picnic tables, electricity upon request, and is accessible to water. Total capacity is approximately 50 people. View the Google Map.

The Congaree Shelter is located at the "T" intersection from the main entrance and offers an unobstructed view of the river. This covered shelter can be reserved free of charge and features two large picnic tables, with a recommended capacity of 10-16 people.

To reserve the Riverwalk Pavilion or Congaree Shelter, please contact our team at Cayce City Hall at 803-205-4434.

Adventure on the Congaree River in Cayce, S.C.

Adventure-seekers can take to the more primitive trails of Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve with hiking shoes or mountain bikes, paddle in kayaks or canoes on the river, put in motorized boats at the Thomas A. Newman Boat Landing, go fishing from the banks of the Congaree River and more. The Congaree River makes up the 50-mile Congaree River Blue Trail that connects the City of Columbia, the Three Rivers Greenway, and rural communities to Congaree National Park, the largest wilderness in South Carolina. New trails at Timmerman Trail and an ongoing development of the 12,000 Year History Park offer even more to enjoy for locals and tourists alike.

Timmerman Trail

The Timmerman Trail portion of the Cayce Riverwalk is 3.5 miles of paved hiking trail that runs through the woods in the outskirts of Cayce, near the intersection of I-77 and 12th Street Extension, just across from Dominion Energy headquarters. It begins just west of the 12th Street Extension, then runs under the road and continues eastward. At several points along the way, there are beautiful views of the Congaree Creek and you may see snakes, alligators, and other wildlife. Learn more at

Timmerman Trail can be accessed from two trailheads. One is off of 12th Street Extension at Otarre Parkway, where there is a small, free parking lot for public use. The other trailhead starts just east of the Cayce Tennis and Fitness Center at the 12,000 Year History Trailhead where street parking and Cayce Tennis and Fitness Center parking are free. The address for the Cayce Tennis and Fitness Center is 1120 Fort Congaree Trail, Cayce, SC 29033. View location on Google Maps.

12,000 Year History Park

A partnership between the City of Cayce and the River Alliance, the 12,000 Year History Park is a unique historical site in Cayce, South Carolina, where the 1865 Civil War battle occurred and is also the location of the historical earthworks. Guided historical walking tours are offered on Saturdays in the spring and fall. Volunteer guides, all trained by the National Park Service, take you on a walk along this beautiful trail winding along with stories of the Battle of Congaree Creek, 18th Century Trade that was prominent here and Native American Lifeways. There are also special events throughout the year including Nature Days, Civil War Encampments and Lantern Tours.

Timmerman Trail runs throughout the 12,000 Year History Park and is accessible via the Timmerman Trail trailhead. View location on Google Maps.

Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve

Bountiful wildlife, sunlit dappled forest paths and 12,000 years of history and pre-history are tucked away in a pristine setting at Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve, just a stone's throw from downtown city lights. The 627-acre preserve, owned and managed by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, borders the Congaree River and Cayce, S.C.

Guignard Brickworks excavated clay from the property from 1911 to 1944. The remains of the pits where clay was quarried can be found along the preserve’s 2.5-mile Guignard Brickworks Trail. The old trenches are now ponds where you can view duckweed and water lilies. Hikers can walk an easy 2.5-mile trail loop in about 1.5 hours. Seven bridges and one bench recently were added to the trail. The area is also home to a variety of snakes, turtles, bobcats, deer, hogs, hawks, water fowl and other birds. At one time, this 70-year-old hardwood forest was farmlands. Learn more via the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, which manages the Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve:

A parking area is available on the right of Old State Road just before the pavement ends. View on Google Maps.

Thomas A. Newman Boat Landing

The Riverwalk trail connects to the Thomas A. Newman Boat Landing. Located on New State Road just north of Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve, the boat landing offers a lighted area and fishing pier for the outdoorsman who enjoys catching their dinner the old fashion way – with a rod and reel! Keep in mind, striped bass begin their run at the end of March and run strong through August.

The boat landing is used by water sports enthusiasts for a variety of watercraft and powerboats, including jon boats and other fishing craft, pontoons, deck boats, Zodiacs, kayaks, canoes, and more. Caution is encouraged, as the Congaree River has a swift current. The boat landing is located at the end of Granby Landing Rd., Cayce, SC 29033 (Latitude 33.94872, Longitude -81.02991). View on Google Maps.

Cayce River Arts District

River Arts District

The City of Cayce River Arts District, in the heart of historic CayceSC, is a perfect hub and doorway to all things creative in our City! Enjoy art studios, the Riverwalk, craft beer, pottery classes, brunch + coffee and live music all on StateStreet.

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To reserve either the Pavilion or Shelter contact city hall at 803.205.4434.