City of Cayce Issues a Sanitary Sewer System Overflow Notification

Cayce, SC - According to City of Cayce City Manager Tracy Hegler, on November 10, 2021, the City of Cayce experienced an overflow of Sanitary Sewer at Railroad Street and State Street.

The City of Cayce Wastewater Collection Department identified the Sanitary Sewer overflow. This has caused sanitary sewage to flow into ditches and tributaries of the Congaree River. 

The City of Cayce is in the process of making the repairs.

SC DHEC has been notified of the spill.

Please call the City of Cayce Utilities Administration office for any inquiries concerning this notification at 803-550-9542, during normal business hours. For after business hours inquires, call the City of Cayce Department of Public Safety at 794-0456.



This article was originally published on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

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